Alex (student)
Name Alex
Age About 10
Marital Status Single
Occupation Student
Actor Michael Chey
First Appearance Two Stories

For the patient in Skin Deep, see Alex.

"Wait. I thought you were Dr. Hourani"
―Alex, showing how smart he is for a fifth grader

Alex was one of the students in the fifth grade class during career day in the Season 7 episode Two Stories. He was portrayed by actor Michael Chey.

Alex was the naive and obese student who asked House what a vibrator was, wondered what House was talking about when he said that Taub had something else other than his nose was big and kept bugging him about Cuddy's laptop. However, he was smart enough to realize that House had started talking about Dr. Hourani as if he were a different person even though House was claiming to be Hourani.

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