Amy (Words and Deeds)
Name Amy
Marital Status Single
Occupation Firefighter
Actor Meagan Good
First Appearance Words and Deeds
For other characters named "Amy", see Amy (disambiguation)

Amy was a fellow firefighter and close friend of Derek Hoyt in the Season 3 episode Words and Deeds.  She was portrayed by actress Meagan Good.

While they were fighting a fire together, Amy noticed that Derek was heading towards the fire, seemingly in a daze.  She tackled him to keep him from getting closer.

After Derek was admitted, Amy was a frequent visitor.  However, the team noticed that every time Amy was in the room, Derek went into distress.

They finally asked Derek about Amy and he admitted he was in love with her.  He wouldn't tell her because she was engaged to his brother Brock.  Derek's symptoms were traced to broken heart syndrome and he was treated with electro-convulsive therapy to remove his memories.

However, after the treatment, Cameron asked Amy about her relationship with Brock, and Amy acted surprised and asked why Cameron thought they were a couple.  Cameron quickly realized that Derek's belief about Amy's relationship with Brock was a delusion, which indicated he had another underlying condition.

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