Amy (doll)
Name Amy
Actor Nik Isbelle
First Appearance We Need the Eggs

"Amy" was the doll/girlfriend of Henry, the patient in the Season 8 episode We Need the Eggs. She was portrayed as a live human being as part of a hallucination by actress Nik Isbelle.

Henry bought Amy for $7,000, spending an extra $2,000 to model her after his ex-girlfriend, a yoga instructor he had dated for seventeen weeks.

Henry treated Amy in every way as a real girlfriend, even telling his neighbour Molly about her, even though Molly never saw her. When Henry was hospitalized, he made an excuse as to why they couldn't get in touch with her.

However, when the team went to Henry's apartment, they found Amy and brought her back to the hospital. House ordered her tested for infections. When Chase and Adams found a mass within the doll, House ordered them to ask the patient to cut it open to look inside. The patient agreed, alhtough he was upset.

Soon after, Molly found out about Amy and was shocked that Henry's girlfriend was a lifelike doll. She made an excuse to leave.

Henry later started to hallucinate that Amy was bleeding from the place that he allowed the doctors to cut. When the doctors found out that Amy had cost an extra $2,000 over a base model, he admitted that he had it modelled after an ex-girlfriend.

Henry was finally treated and made a pass at Adams, who advised him to ask Molly out instead. Instead, he went home with Amy.