Amy Arrington
Name Amy Arrington
Marital Status Single
Actor Keri Lynn Pratt
First Appearance Sex Kills

Amy Arrington is the daughter of Henry Arrington and Cecile Arrington. She appears in the episode Sex Kills. She was portrayed by actress Keri Lynn Pratt.

Amy was, as usual, playing contract bridge with her father as her partner with some of his friends. Amy is only in her early twenties as Henry was in his forties when she was born. When they went away to talk because Henry thought she might be ill, Henry had an absence seizure and Amy and his friends told him to go to the hospital.

Amy remained at his side as he was being examined by Eric Foreman. However, when they suspected Henry might have an STD, they were afraid he was holding something back because Amy was in the room. Henry asked Amy to get him a good coffee from the cafeteria and when she was away, admitted that he had recently slept with his ex-wife, Amy's mother. He didn't want to tell her because the break-up was a bad one and Amy was still mad at her mother. When she came back, Henry admitted he might have an STD and the doctors lied to Amy about who it was. However, Henry took an immediate turn for the worse.

Henry was soon suffering from congestive heart failure. He needed a new heart for a transplant, but the only possibility was a woman whose organs were rejected because she was sick. The woman's husband was going to refuse permission, but he ran into Amy who thanked him for his wife's sacrifice. The husband changed his mind and allowed the team to proceed.

Henry received his new heart and when he awoke he found Amy and Cecile by his side. They had reconciled and Amy had learned of his encounter. She told him he had to use a condom next time.

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