Anita is an attractive woman in Foreman's gym. She has a brief affair with Eric Foreman that spans the episodes from Perils of Paranoia to Runaways. She was portrayed by actress Yaya DaCosta.

Anita saw Foreman working on the heavy bag at his gym and wondered why he looked so angry. She went over to introduce herself and ask how bad a day he was having. However, one of the reasons Foreman was angry was that Chris Taub had been trying to set him up with women and he figured at first she was one of Taub's plants. However, Anita didn't know what Foreman was talking about. When Foreman told her how much he disliked Taub, she smiled and said she didn't like him either. She said it was unfortunate they got off on the wrong foot and told her she's be around if he wanted to try again.

Foreman went back to start things over with Anita and their first date wound up at her apartment. However, as they started making out, they heard a male voice calling for her. She rushed Foreman out of the apartment and told him the man was her husband. She did promise to get back in touch with him.

Foreman was reluctant, but agreed to meet her later in a bar. They started their relationship. However, Foreman started to feel guilty about the secrecy and tried to break it off. However, Anita had already told her husband about Foreman and said there was now no need to break it off.

Surprisingly, Foreman felt even worse that her husband knew. He asked Anita to lie to her husband and tell them it was over between them, although he wanted to keep seeing her after that. He said he would feel better if her husband didn't know. However, Anita got confused and broke up with Foreman.

House's explanation was that Foreman liked the excitement of the affair and lost interest once it wasn't an affair anymore.

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