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Annie Bohm, usually referred to by her fellow Ward 6 patients as silent girl is a character in the episode Broken who has been catatonic for many years. She was the sister-in-law and best-friend of Lydia. She is played by cellist Ana Lenchantin.

She had been catatonic for many years. Her sister-in-law Lydia played piano to her because the only reaction they got from her was that she swayed her head. She used to be a concert cellist for an orchestra in Philadelphia.

She was first seen when Alvie was introducing House to all of the patients in Ward 6. Next, House enters a room while Lydia was playing piano to her. She told House why she played to her, House informed her that she was just swaying to her heart beat. She attended all of the group therapy sessions in Ward 6 but never talked. During one of the sessions, Steve/Freedom Master, questioned why she was always staring at exactly the same spot everyday. He thought that they "stole her voice". Later in the episode, House realized what he meant, they stole her music box and it was where she was staring. Dr. Beasley eventually agreed to let House search the place and give Steve the music box. A few days later, Steve had the music box in his hand and Silent Girl took it from him, she said thank you.

She is later seen playing the cello for the group seeming aware of her surroundings. She then has a goodbye party similar to the other patients. House however, investigates this as it didn't make sense for a woman of her condition history to be released into society. Dr Nolan then reveals she was released from Mayfield to attend a rehab facility in Arizona with her brother and Lydia.