Dr. Anthony Medina is one of the three head doctors at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital in the Season 6 premiere Broken. He was portrayed by Andrew Leeds.

He is first seen with Dr. Darryl Nolan and Dr. Beasley worrying about Houses plan to turn Ward 6 upside down and cause chaos in it, Nolan and Beasley aren't as worried about House as he appears to be. Soon after, he makes House take a urine sample because Nolan suspected House of not taking his drugs. House got someone else who was on the same drug as he was to stand in the bathroom and give House a sample of his urine. Little did he know, Nolan had suspected that House would do that and put him on a placebo treatment of sugar. He found out that House had faked the urine test. Next, he takes Steve/Freedom Master to help him move piano in an attempt to rid him of his delusions of heroics, House questioned his methods. Steve started having a psychotic breakdown. Medina drugged him, this greatly upset House. Medina attended Houses re-birthing party when Nolan decided that he was good enough to leave Mayfield with his medical license.

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