Name Artie
Marital Status Divorced
Occupation Food importer
Actor Dennis Boutsikaris
First Appearance Black Hole

Artie was the father of Nick, the boyfriend of Abby Nash in the Season 6 episode Black Hole. He was portrayed by actor Dennis Boutsikaris

Artie arrived with his son at the hospital after Abby was admitted. He was very supportive of his son during his girlfriend's illness.

However, Abby's disease remained a mystery until House remembered a rare condition caused by an allergy to the eggs laid by the schistosomiasis parasite. However, he could not find a source of exposure until he learned that Artie was a food importer and often travelled to areas where schistosomiasis was endemic. However, House realized that the only way Abby could have got exposed to it was from having sex with Artie.

House told Artie that he thought Abby could be treated, although the condition was dangerous to treat. He then asked Artie straight out if he had ever had sex with his son's girlfriend. Nick overheard them and Artie had to admit that he had sex with Abby once after she had a fight with Nick. This damaged Nick's relationship with both Artie and Abby, but Abby was treated successfully. Nick eventually made amends with Abby.

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