Atlantic Net is a large fictional health insurance company that insures most of the patients who use Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. About 80% of the hospital's revenue comes from Atlantic Net.

The episode 5 to 9 revolved around Lisa Cuddy's negotiations with Atlantic Net to renew their contract. The only point of disagreement was that she wanted a 12% increase across the board for all procedures to offset the risk of taking on a capitation structure. Atlantic Net would only offer a 4% increase. However, Cuddy threatened to cut off their contract if they did not concede to her terms. When they only went up to 8% by the deadline she set, she announced they would no longer be taking Atlantic Net patients, although this appeared to be suicide for the hospital's bebe finances. However, less than three hours later, Atlantic Net gave in and agreed to their terms.

Atlantic Net was represented by its chief negotiator Eli Morgan, and its CEO Keith Tannenbaum.

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