Dr. Beasley is a therapist treating Gregory House, M.D. on the series House M.D. portrayed by actress Megan Dodds (Ever After) while Dr. House is being treated at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital of the Season 6 premiere, Broken.

In the episode Broken, she is first seen in her office with Dr. House, discussing his case. House tells her that he is going to do everything he can to make Dr. Nolan allow him to keep his medical license and he is going to go with turning Ward 6 upside down. During group therapy in Ward 6, which she leads, House annoys her by offending one of the patients named Susan that survived a suicide attempt. She aborts the group therapy session.

When all of the Ward 6 patients are playing basketball, House sits down next to Dr. Beasley who tells him that she just wants him to talk to her and deal with the other patients. However, instead of doing that, House diagnoses all of the patients. She tells him not to leave the courtyard, but he does anyways. As punishment for doing so, House was locked in a padded cell. Dr. Beasley entered and told House that he might be in there permanently.

House went and told the patients that he had been blaming them unfairly, he should have been blaming the doctors. He led a rebellion and turned all of the patients against Dr. Beasley because they had a ping-pong table and balls, but no paddles. However, he was unsuccessful when Dr. Nolan enters with paddles. During the next group therapy session, Dr. Beasley introduced Steve, a delusional patient who thinks that he is a super hero named Freedom Master. She paused the session and told House that she knew he was plotting to get out of the asylum and asked him to be good for a few days.

Dr. Beasley called for a group session where she told the patients that they would be having a talent show. When Dr. Beasley asks for superhero patient's opinion on whether or not Diane had hidden potential, he is unresponsive. House had an epiphany about something, Dr. Beasley allowed him to see if he was correct, but he appeared not to be. At the talent show, Dr. Beasley and Diane did the macarena.

When Dr. Nolan deemed House healthy enough to leave, Dr. Beasley threw him a happy "re-birthday" party.

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