Becky Merrell was the mother of Brandon Merrell, the patient in Occam's Razor. She is married to Robert Merrell. She was portrayed by actress Faith Prince.

Beck and Robert rushed to Merrell when they found out he had been admitted to hospital. Brandon awkwardly introduced them to his girlfriend Mindy.

After Brandon initially got better, then got worse, Gregory House got suspicous and confronted the family about whether they had given Brandon any medication since he arrived at the hospital. Becky admitted that she gave Brandon some of the cold medication he had been taking before he was admitted. House formed the theory that the pharmacist had accidentally given him colchicine.

Chase and Becky went to see the pharmacist, who insisted he had given Brandon the right medication. He gave them a sample, and Becky identified them as the pills that she gave Brandon.

However, it later turned out she was mistaken. Brandon saw the same pills and noticed they didn't have a letter on them that the other pills did.

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