Ben (son)
Name Ben
Actor Harrison Forsyth
First Appearance Broken

For other characters named Ben, see Ben (disambiguation)

Ben was the young son of Lydia in the Season 6 episode Broken. He was portrayed by child actor Harrison Forsyth.

As House and Lydia became closer, Lydia openly talked about the difficulties in her marriage to her husband. After they slept together, House was encouraged that Lydia wanted a relationship with him. However, after her sister-in-law Annie started to recover, House learned that Lydia had made plans to move with her husband to Phoenix to be closer to Annie's new facility.

House gets a pass from Dr. Nolan to go and confront Lydia. When he arrives at her home, the door is opened by Ben and House immediately realizes that the child is Lydia's. Lydia sees House and sends Ben out of the room. House then realizes that there is no future between them and that Lydia had withheld information about her son from him.

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