Bill (Hostage)
Name Bill
Marital Status Married to Sandra
Actor Evan Jones
First Appearance Last Resort

Bill was one of the hostages taken by Jason in the Season 5 episode Last Resort. He was in the clinic with his wife Sandra, who was pregnant. He was portrayed by actor Evan Jones

Bill was in the clinic reading a magazine while sitting next to his wife. When Jason decides to hold people hostage, he rounds up Bill and Sandra and leads them into Cuddy's office with five other hostages.

He interrupts to ask for help for Sandra when she feels nauseous, but House tells him to bring a gun next time he wants attention.

He comments on House's memory when House lists only four things on the wall to remember them.

When Jason wants House to inject one of the hostages with a drug that caused extreme pain, Sandra tries to get Bill to volunteer, but he refuses. Thirteen takes the injection instead.

When Jason develops tachycardia, Bill suggests sarcastically that they do nothing to treat him. Jason responds by pointing the gun at him.When he keeps persisting, Sandra asks him to stop.

He is one of the hostages who huddle around Jason as they work their way up to radiology.

He and Sandra escape when Jason has to give up the gun to have a scan.

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