The Board of Directors of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital is the highest governing authority of the hospital, responsible for entering into all major contracts, hiring the Dean of Medicine, insuring that the hospital meets its legal and regulatory requirements, planning major capital expenditures and granting tenure to credentialed staff. There are currently twelve members on the board.

The Board meets for a few hours about once a week, but on occasion has convened for special meetings. A meeting may be called by a majority of board members after giving notice of the meeting to the remainder of the members.

The members of the Board are chosen by the Board itself, based on majority vote of the existing members. A member of the Board can also be dismissed by majority vote. The Board is generally made up of the Dean of Medicine, the heads of major departments, and important donors to the hospital. Some of the staff who have been seen to have served on the board are Lisa Cuddy, James Wilson and Dr. Simpson.

The members of the Board pick it's chairman. The chairman is usually one of the donors rather than one of the staff. The current chairman of the board is Sanford Wells, the head of a Forbes 500 company. One of the past chairmen was Edward Vogler.

Some of the procedural matters that bind the board are:

  • Once a vote has been taken on a subject, the matter cannot be reconsidered for 24 hours.
  • Although a simple majority vote is sufficient on most matters, it takes a unanimous vote to revoke tenure.

The Board has been seen in the following episodes:

  • Control, where it welcomed Edward Vogler for his $100 million donation and appointed him as chairman.
  • Babies and Bathwater, where Vogler tried to have House's tenure revoked and, when that failed, he had Wilson dismissed from the board for being the only dissenter. The next day, Vogler tried to revoke House's tenure again and failed again when Cuddy dissented. When Vogler tried to remove Cuddy from the board, the board refused and instead removed Vogler as chairman.
  • 5 to 9, where the board met to determine the status of its insurance contract with Atlantic Net. They allowed Dr. Cuddy to take an aggressive negotiating stance which paid off when Atlantic Net agreed to a 12% increase in fees for procedures.
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