Season Eight Episodes:

  1. Twenty Vicodin
  2. Transplant
  3. Charity Case
  4. Risky Business
  5. The Confession
  6. Parents
  7. Dead & Buried
  8. Perils of Paranoia
  9. Better Half
  10. Runaways
  11. Nobody's Fault
  12. Chase
  13. Man of the House
  14. Love is Blind
  15. Blowing the Whistle
  16. Gut Check
  17. We Need the Eggs
  18. Body and Soul
  19. The C Word
  20. Post Mortem
  21. Holding On
  22. Swan Song and Everybody Dies


Park: "Are you cumming?"
Chase: "Why didn't your lips move when you said that?"
Park: "*as Chase is waking up* Are you coming?"
— Body and Soul

Body and Soul is a 8th season episode of House which first aired on April 23, 2012. The team treats a young Asian boy whose parents are convinced he has been possessed by an evil spirit. House, after hiding from Dominika the fact that she's received her green card and is free to leave him, has to confront his feelings for her and the sudden increased intimacy of their relationship. However, it appears that Dominika may have been keeping things from House as well. Speaking of intimacy, Park becomes obsessed about wanting to know if Chase finds her attractive enough to have sex with, and starts to try to convince him that there's more to her than would first appear.


Trivia and Culture References

  • This is the first House episode to receive a 10 from the votes at


1 Body and Soul

1 Body and Soul


2 Body and Soul

2 Body and Soul

Once again, our wiki community saw this coming

3 Body and Soul

3 Body and Soul

I'm sure there's a rational explanation

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Body and Soul
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