Bone Marrow is the soft tissue found inside the bones of the body. Certain cells in the bone marrow (called myeloid tissue or red marrow) of the large bones are responsible for the production of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Diseases Edit

Leukemia describes any disorder where the blood producing cells of the marrow are displaced by other cells, such as those in a cancer or an infection such as tuberculosis.

Radiation and chemotherapy often damage or destroy bone marrow cells, leading to anemia and immunosuppression.

Transplants Edit

Bone marrow can be transplanted from a compatible donor to a person whose bone marrow has been damaged or destroyed. Removal of bone marrow for transplant is a safe process that usually results in minimal discomfort to the donor.

When the bone marrow is diseased, it often has to be destroyed by radiation before new marrow is transplanted.

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