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Bonnie Wilson is James Wilson's second wife. She, along with Sam Carr, is one of James' three spouses who appeared on screen (his third wife was an unseen character). She is portrayed by actress Jane Adams.

They met after House met Wilson (about 15 years before the beginning of the series), agreeing at the time that they only wanted to spend time with each other in a platonic way as Wilson was coming off a failed marriage. However, they became intimate soon after Bonnie fell in love with him and married soon after that. They adopted their dog Hector at that time. They divorced sometime prior to the start of the series. Bonnie divorced James when James admitted he had had an affair with another woman (which is the pattern for all of his divorces). However, Bonnie admitted "no one tries harder to please a woman than James Wilson".

James paid alimony to Bonnie until Season 2, at which point Bonnie obtained her real estate license and attempted to strike out on her own. However, James called her "the worst broker in New Jersey".

House is in contact with Bonnie occasionally, and they maintain a cordial if strained relationship. Bonnie does partially blame House for her divorce, stating that James was always there for House but not always there for her. House usually contacts Bonnie when he is trying to dig up something on Wilson. For example, he called her when he figured out Wilson was dating someone to see if it was her (it was, in fact, Amber).

She was also mention in the sixth season episode Wilson where Wilson bought a loft through Bonnie with House before Cuddy did to punish Cuddy for dating Lucas .