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Bryan Singer (born New York City, New York on September 17, 1965) is an American film and television director who is widely regarded to be one of the best directors in Hollywood today. In addition to serving as executive producer on the series, he has directed two episodes of House:

Singer's directing career started with the short film Lion's Den in 1988. His first feature was Public Access in 1993. However, neither film really established him in his profession. All that was to change with the release of The Usual Suspects in 1995, which was one of the best reviewed films of the year and launched him into major motion pictures. His directing of the box office hits X-Men and X2 led him to the director's chair on the blockbuster big budget hit Superman Returns in 2006. He also directed two films in the new X-Men series.

In House lore, Singer is best known for not realizing that Hugh Laurie was a British actor putting on an American accent for his audition. After seeing the audition tape, Singer famously noted that Laurie was just the type of authentic American actor he was looking for to play House.

Singer appears as himself in a cameo in the episode Sports Medicine.

The writers of the show often seem to have it in for Singer, as in two episodes, one of the characters reveals the key spoiler to The Usual Suspects.

"Everyone wants to be the director!"
―Sports Medicine

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