The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, or CDC for short, is the primary information for infectious diseases in the United States. It is the primary government agency for the identification and diagnosis of epidemic or pandemic diseases and advises the government on measures to prevent their spread. Its work has been largely successful and has resulted in few or no deaths from the uncontrolled spread of disease in the United States since it was founded.

CDC scientists were instrumental in the identification of legionellosis, a previously unknown infection, as well as preventing its spread by identifying the source as stagnant water from air conditioning systems. The CDC also played a pivotal role in the identification of AIDS and the subsequent measures to prevent its spread.

The actions and protocols of the CDC have served as a plot point in several episodes of House:

  • In Poison, the mother of one of the patients wanted a second opinion from the CDC before allowing House to treat her son for pesticide poisoning. House got Chase to fake a phone call with a southern accent to convince the mother the CDC wasn't going to take any action.
  • In Euphoria (Part 2), Cuddy won't allow House to perform an autopsy on a dead patient who died of a mysterious illness until the CDC arrives to perform the autopsy under quarantine conditions.
  • In Sleeping Dogs Lie, House tells his team to call the CDC once he realizes his patient has an extremely contagious disease - plague.
  • In A Pox on Our House, when smallpox is suspected, Dr. Dave Broda from the CDC comes to Princeton-Plainsboro to treat the patient.

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