Name Cecile
Age Fifties
Occupation Cook
Actor Freda Foh Shen
First Appearance Epic Fail

Cecile was seen in the episode Epic Fail and is from House's cooking class, she went to Wilson's Apartment, where House was staying after returning from Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital, to help him cook. She initially appears to only speaks Mandarin Chinese (as does House). She is portrayed by Freda Foh Shen.

She is seen when Cuddy came to Wilson's apartment to say goodbye to House after he had announced his intention to stop doing diagnostic medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro. She walked in on him while he was cooking with Cecile. Cuddy apologized and House introduced her as Cecile from his cooking class. Cecile asked in Chinese why Cuddy dressed like a hooker. House told her to stay quiet. Cuddy told House goodbye and that she would miss him. She was about to go when Cecile said, in English, to either kiss him or leave. House asked her if she couldn't keep her mouth shut. She told House to finish the meal that he was cooking. Cuddy left.

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