Name Charles
Marital Status Married to Hanna
Actor Desean Terry
First Appearance Help Me

Charles is the husband of Hanna, the woman trapped under the rubble in Help Me. He was portrayed by actor Desean Terry.

When Gregory House finds Hanna, she is more worried about the fact that she did not have a chance to pick up Charles' birthday present than with her own condition. As House tries to treat her, she asks to be able to call her husband. House lies and says his phone can't get a signal because he's afraid speaking to her husband will raise her blood pressure.

However, House soon relents. As he suspected, their worrying about each other puts Hanna into a very fragile emotional state and her heart rate and blood pressure go up. He politely asks for the phone back and tells her she has to calm down.

House finally has to give Hanna an amputation to free her. When they reach the surface, Charles is there waiting for her, having just arrived. House, Charles and Hanna get into the ambulance to go back to Princeton-Plainsboro.

However, as they return, Hanna goes into respiratory distress. House hopes it is a clot in her lungs and administers a blood thinner in an attempt to treat it. However, when Hanna doesn't improve, House realizes that it must be a fat embolism, a common and deadly complication of amputations. Although Charles begs House to do something, House realizes it's hopeless and resigns himself by sitting quietly in the ambulance.

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