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Charles S. Dutton is the actor who portrayed the recurring character Rodney Foreman, the father of Dr. Eric Foreman and Marcus Foreman in Season 2 and Season 3

Like his on-screen sons, Dutton was incarcerated for manslaughter as a young man, eventually spending seven years in prison for the crime. He followed the same path as Eric - turning his life around by gaining an interest in drama during his time in jail.

He started on the Broadway stage in 1984, eventually garnering two Tony Award nominations for his work. In 1991, he gained critical and commercial acclaim as the title character in the sitcom Roc, playing an enterprising garbage man. That same year, he also made a noteworthy performance in the sci-fi film Alien3 alongside Sigourney Weaver, playing a convict on a prison planet that very much drew on his own experiences in prison. In 2003, he played the husband of Halle Berry's character in Gothika.

He won back-to-back Emmy Awards in 2002 and 2003 in the Outstanding Guest Actor category. As a director, he won another Emmy in 2000 for the mini-series The Corner about life in his hometown of Baltimore.