Baby Boy Chen-Lupino was born full term to two lesbians. Dr. House was searching maternity rooms for signs of an epidemic and found that this patient had just developed a fever. He convinced Dr. Cuddy that this showed an infection was spreading through the maternity ward.

Dr. Cameron advised the family that the patient was going to be given Vancomycin and astreanam. One of his moms told Cameron that she had a cold during her pregnancy, but Dr. Cameron assured them that their child was healthy at birth and it was unlikely that she was the cause of the illness.

As the treatment progressed, the patient's kidneys started to shut down and the urine test showed no casts. It was clear the antibiotics were toxic to the kidneys. Dr. House suggested that they take one patient off of vancomycin and the other of astreanam as it was impossible to determine which disease the infants had. The patient who improved would guide the treatment for the other patients.

As two more infants became symptomatic, Dr. House managed to get administrative approval for his treatment plan. Baby Chen-Lupino was taken off vancomycin.

However, the patient's condition soon worsened. Dr. Chase attempted to revive the patient, but time of death was called by Dr. House at 6:57 p.m. when defibrillation failed. Dr. Wilson informed the mothers when Dr. Cameron froze.

Dr. House noted that the patient's blood pressure was very low just before his death, despite treatment. This could indicate heart damage.

Dr. House performed an autopsy on the patient. He did not determine the underlying pathology, but noted that the patient had myocarditis and lymphocytic infiltrates. This pointed to a virus.

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