Name Cheryl
Age Fourties
Occupation Unknown
Actor Alexandra Barreto
First Appearance Brave Heart

Cheryl was Donny's ex-girlfriend in the episode Brave Heart. She left him when she was pregnant and had a child named Michael. She was portrayed by Alexandra Barreto.

Donny's entire family had died before they reached the age of forty, for that reason, Donny did not want to have kids. Donny was dating Cheryl at some point and they had a child, however before Cheryl told Donny about this, he left her. She named the child Michael. When Donny came to the hospital, Cheryl told Dr. House about the child. He told the team to get Michael a bone marrow biopsy, Cheryl consented but Michael didn't want to. Foreman told Cheryl that she neededto tell Donny and Michael the truth. She told Donny about his child he was upset and didn't want to see him. Cheryl brought him in anyways, Donny wanted to do something with him but Donny told him about his condition and said that if they got close, Michael would be upset if he died, Cheryl took him out. They treated Donny and Cheryl brought Michael back and Donny offered to go see a movie with him.

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