Chris Dewey
Name Chris Dewey
Occupation Medical student
Actor Ogy Durham
First Appearance Histories

Chris Dewey was one of the two medical students who was assigned to Gregory House to learn how to do a medical history in the Season 1 episode Histories. She was portrayed by actress Ogy Durham.

House was dodging clinic duty by pretending to have a cold. To try to get him to take some responsibility, she assigned Chris and Julia to House to learn how do a proper medical history. House sent them to speak to the patient Jodi.

When they returned, House was busy reading a comic book. As the students tried to discuss the case, Chris noted how he wasn't paying attention to them. House countered by noting that Chris was dressing to draw attention to her breasts. He also noted he was there to teach them and if he could do that and read a comic book at the same time, that was fine by him. When the students started talking about the patient, they realized their notes didn't match. House asked what color the patient's nose was and how much the patient weighed. When the students didn't have that information, he gave them a large Neurology textbook and told them it started with a "C".

When the students returned, they were guessing and House realized they had just gone through the index of the book. They went to see the patient and House quickly got a completely different medical history from her. The original histories that didn't match should have clued them in that she was confabulating. He told them the patient had Korsakoff's syndrome and, given her small build, most likely because of malnutrition. He also told them to treat all patients as if they have Korsakoff's because everybody lies.

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