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The first five seasons of House each include a single episode set during the Christmas season which integrates a holiday theme. The first four of these episodes aired in the December of their respective seasons. Season 5 was the first season to air no new episodes in December, and its holiday episode did not air until January. Subsequent seasons continued this scheduling pattern and did not include a Christmas episode.

List of Christmas episodes[]

Season 1

  • Damned If You Do - while catching up on paperwork, Cuddy gets House to treat a nun suffering from severe skin irritation. When she suffers an asthma attack during the examination, House administers adrenaline (Epinephrine) as required, but the patient suffers a heart attack. Cuddy accuses House of giving the nun an accidental overdose, but House denies it. She gives him 24 hours to prove she has another underlying condition before she reports the matter to the hospital's insurers.

Season 2

  • Deception - A woman collapses while House is at the OTB, and he gallantly tells passersby to call an ambulance to take her to see Dr. House at Princeton-Plainsboro while his horse loses.  His team quickly sizes her up with Munchausen's syndrome, but can House convince them that she's really sick and, more importantly, can he separate her real symptoms from the fake ones?

Season 3

  • Merry Little Christmas - Wilson has admitted to Michael Tritter that he did not write all of the prescriptions House has presented to be filled. Tritter offers House a deal where House will spend time in rehab rather than going to jail, but House rejects it out of hand. Fearing House will go to jail, Cuddy cuts off his supply of Vicodin in order to pressure him, but is also under pressure from the mother of a young woman with dwarfism who has a serious undiagnosed condition that only House seems to have any insight into. House offers to trade his diagnostic talent for Vicodin, but Cuddy refuses, forcing House to resort to any means necessary to feed his habit.

Season 4

  • It's a Wonderful Lie - House faces one of his worst nightmares - a patient and her daughter who are absolutely honest with each other. However, he eventually both figures out what the patient has been hiding and performs a Christmas miracle to confirm his diagnosis.

Season 5

  • Joy to the World - House deals with the case of a 16 year old girl who collapsed at a Christmas pageant and keeps getting sicker. Foreman and Thirteen decide that they prefer each other's company to the hospital Christmas party, and Cuddy receives the most precious gift of all.