Cotter Macklin is the former "roommate" of Theodore Philip Taylor in the Season 6 episode The Choice. He was portrayed by actor Johnathan Murphy.

The team first meet Cotter when they are caught performing an environmental scan in his house. The team has been told Cotter is Ted's ex-roommate, but Cotter describes himself as Ted's ex-boyfriend.

The team confronts Ted about this, and he admits he had sex with Cotter when he was drunk, but denies they were in a relationship or that his is a homosexual.

However, as Ted gets worse, Cotter comes to visit him while his fiancée Nicole is there. He introduces himself as an old friend, but soon touches Ted's hand lovingly and Nicole realizes he is being far too intimate with Ted. Cotter realizes what he has done too and excuses himself.

When the doctors run out of clues, House tells his team to interview both Nicole and Cotter in the same room to get at the truth. When the doctors ask if Ted has ever had erectile dysfunction, Nicole says it has been a problem at times, but Cotter denies it was ever a problem.

Although Cotter eventually leaves, and Ted reassures Nicole that he loves her, Nicole leaves Ted.

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