Curtis Asofa
Name Curtis Asofa
Occupation Prisoner
Actor Kaleti Williams
First Appearance Twenty Vicodin
Curtis Asofa is House's cell mate in the Season 8 premiere Twenty Vicodin. He suffers from psychosis, therefore, he must take anti-psychotics and House helps him to assure he gets the right medication. He is portrayed by actor Kaleti Williams .

Appearance Edit

He was first seen with House who was making sure he took his anti-psych medication. When House was trying to sleep, he was being disturbed by Asofa's pet cricket. House was about to flick it away when Asofa said he better not do it. Later, the cricket gets sick and Asofa insists House "fix him". House manages to diagnose the cricket with pesticide poisoning and treats it successfully with sodium bicarbonate.

When House is being held by Mendelson for not keeping up his end of the deal by throwing the Vicodin in the air to be stolen by prisoners, Mendelson tells Sullivan to get a hidden shiv and stab House with it. Before House was about to get stabbed, Asofa hits Sullivan with a garbage bin in the back of his head. He then took out the other two of Mendelson's henchmen who were holding House and began to inflict numerous blows on Mendelson. The prison SWAT came in and subdued him. He was last seen being carried away by three Swat men. 


As he suffers from psychosis, he is required to take anti-psych medication to keep him in control. He says very little. He keeps strange pets such as a cricket, but he cares for his cricket a lot. When his cricket was sick, he asked House to fix him. He also repays favors by defending his friends. When House was to be stabbed, he came in and saved House from certain death.

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