Dara Sidas
Name Dara Sidas
Marital Status Married to James Sidas
Actor Vicki Davis
First Appearance Ignorance is Bliss

Dara Sidas is the wife of James Sidas, the patient in the Season 6 episode Ignorance is Bliss.  She is portrayed by actress Vicki Davis.

Dara met Sidas when he was hospitalized after a suicide attempt.  He left his job as a physicist and started working as a courier.

Dara was very worried when James was admitted to hospital, and started getting upset with the doctors when they had trouble diagnosing her husband.  However, when the doctors found out James was hiding alcohol, his wife was surprised and confronted him.  She did not accept his explanation that he was just having one shot a day.

However, House soon realized that James was making himself less intelligent by abusing dextromethorphan.  the alcohol was a counter-measure to make sure his brain wasn't permanently damaged. House discontinued it and James soon regained his intelligence.  However, it was clear that his attitude towards Dara had changed - he was more distant.  He confided in House that given the differences in their IQs, a staggering 91 points, he felt she was closer in intelligence to an ape than to him.  He said he didn't mind she couldn't understand his work, but it bothered him that she couldn't even spell properly.  He told House he was on narcotics when he met Dara and that her happiness despite her lack of intelligence and her devotion to him made her want to be closer to her.

House gave Sidas back his dextromethorphan so he could go back to the way things were.

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