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David Foster, MD, is a physician along with a medical consultant and writer for the television series House. Educated at Harvard Medical School, Foster did his rounds at both Beth Israel Hospital and the Harvard School of Public Health.

He began his work in 1998 as a technical consultant on the WB's Outreach and has since worked on Gideon's Crossing, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Ozzie and Drix. He began writing for House part-time when the show debuted; prior to that, he was working full-time at a neighbourhood community health centre in Boston treating patients with such conditions as HIV and hepatitis.

In 2005, David Shore made the decision to permanently add Foster to the writing staff and he moved from Boston to Los Angeles.

Foster has written or co-written the following episodes of House:

  1. DNR (Season 1)
  2. Mob Rules (with John Mankiewicz) (Season 1)
  3. TB or Not TB (Season 2)
  4. All In (Season 2)
  5. Informed Consent (Season 3)
  6. Needle in a Haystack (Season 3)
  7. Mirror Mirror (Season 4)
  8. House's Head (with Peter Blake (IV), Doris Egan, Garrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 4)
  9. Wilson's Heart (with Peter Blake (IV)Garrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 4)
  10. Birthmarks (with Doris Egan) (Season 5)
  11. Big Baby (with Lawrence Kaplow) (Season 5)
  12. Locked In (with Garrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 5)
  13. Broken (with David Shore, Garrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 6)
  14. Wilson (Season 6)