David Shore (b. July 3, 1959) is a Canadian born lawyer, writer, producer and director who is the creator of the series House. Prior to creating House, he was a writer for Family Law, Law & Order, The Practice, Due South and the Canadian series Traders. He was the executive producer of Hack (starring David Morse) and was supervising producer on Traders. In addition to being the creator and executive producer of House, he has co-written several episodes, including Three Stories, for which he won an Emmy and a Humanitas Prize in 2005. He also directed the episode No Reason.

It was Shore's decision to cast Hugh Laurie as Gregory House on the basis of a short audition while Laurie was on location in Africa.

Shore has written the following episodes of House:

  1. Pilot (Season 1) 
  2. Occam's Razor (Season 1)
  3. Sports Medicine (with John Mankiewicz) (Season 1)
  4. Babies & Bathwater (with Peter Blake (IV)) (Season 1)
  5. Three Stories (Season 1)
  6. Skin Deep (with Garrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 2)
  7. Euphoria (Part 2) (with Garrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 2)
  8. No Reason (with Lawrence Kaplow) (Season 2)
  9. Meaning (with Lawrence Kaplow, Garrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 3)
  10. Cane and Able (with Lawrence Kaplow, Garrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 3)
  11. One Day, One Room (Season 3)
  12. Alone (with Peter Blake (IV)) (Season 4)
  13. No More Mr. Nice Guy (with David Hoselton) (Season 4)
  14. Not Cancer (with Lawrence Kaplow) (Season 5)
  15. Broken (with David Foster (II), Garrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 6)
  16. Changes (Season 7)