518 here kitty
Name Debbie
First Appearance Here Kitty
For the prostitute, see Debbie (prostitute).

Debbie was the death-predicting cat in the Season 5 episode Here Kitty.

Debbie lived in the nursing home that Morgan West worked in. Debbie was famous in the local media for having slept next to ten patients who later passed away and the staff and residents of the nursing home believed Debbie had the power to predict death.

However, one day Morgan sat down and Debbie lay down next to her. Morgan became convinced that she had a serious health problem even though she had no symptoms apart from those that indicated a long lasting common cold. She tricked Gregory House into treating her, but Chris Taub found something that indicated she had faked one of her symptoms. House tested her by inducing a seizure and then testing her reflexes. She failed the test but begged him to keep working on the case by telling him about Debbie.

House was convinced that Debbie's appearance next to dying people was just a massive coincidence. However, Morgan started getting sicker, and when House took Debbie to the coma ward, the patient she chose died the next day.

Debbie soon escaped from House's office and Morgan kept getting worse. As they scheduled Morgan for surgery, Debbie came back and went straight for House's laptop. House realized the laptop was warm and checked - the dead patients all had a fever or were using heating blankets, Debbie's behavior was completely explained by having her go to somewhere that was warm. That made House realize his earlier diagnosis of cancer had to be right and that the cancer had to be hiding the one place in her digestive tract they hadn't looked - her appendix.

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