Deirdre M. Smith
Dierdre M Smith
Dierdre M. Smith guest stars as Carol Moffat in two Season 1 episodes of "House, M.D.".
Biographical Information
Born February 9, 1968
Birthplace Muskegon, Michigan, U.S.
Gender Female
Years Active 1995-Present
Role Carol Moffat
Season Season 1
Episode "Sports Medicine" & "DNR"

Deirdre M. Smith is an American actress who has made guest appearances in numerous TV shows, which include The Practice, George Lopez, Boston Legal, ER, and Monk. Deirdre made two appearances on House, M.D. as Carol Moffat, appearing in the episodes "Sports Medicine" and "DNR". She also appeared in the 2009 TV movie Poetri-in-Motion.

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