Denise Harris was the wife of Bob Harris, the patient in the Season 8 episode The Confession. She was portrayed by actress Heather Stephens.

The team soon figured out Bob was having sex when he suffered his heart attack. Bob was honest with the doctors, but originally withheld this information from his wife.

As he continued to get worse, Bob finally told his wife about his one-night-stand with Cindy, the local beauty queen. She was upset, but stood beside him.

However, when Bob needed a transplant, he also told the potential donors about his affair. Denise tried to tell the crowd that the affair was between her and Bob, but he went on and told everyone that he was also systematically cheating them. Only two donors stayed behind to be tested, and they were negative.

Chase finally realized that the confessions were a symptom which allowed them to treat the underlying illness. Denise came back after realizing all the other confessions were made up. Bob used the opportunity to claim that his affair with Cindy was made up too.

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