Name Deran
Marital Status Widowed, dating Janie
Occupation Professor
Actor Erich Anderson
First Appearance Act Your Age

Deran is the father of Lucy and Jasper in the Season 3 episode Act Your Age. He is a widower, but is dating Janie, a worker at his children's day care center. He was portrayed by actor Erich Anderson.

One year ago, his wife died from brain cancer, which left him widowed and his son and daughter motherless. Due to being busy with work, he took his children to a day care center until he was done with work. A year after, he became attracted to the supervisor there, Janie, who felt the same way, despite being much younger. It was then they started dating, without Lucy or Jasper knowing. However, because Janie was much younger than him, he naturally couldn't keep up with her libido for him.

Deran is seen in the cold opening of the episode treating Jasper's nosebleed. Although he is with his children constantly, he is often seen as a distracted and distant parent - Jasper often runs loose through the hospital.

Deran fails to tell the doctors he's dating Janie, but House gets suspicious when Deran is sure no one else at the day care center is sick. When House seeks Janie has waxed her upper lip, he not only figures out the affair, but that the father is the source of the testosterone that is causing his children's illness. House asks him about it and he admits he used it (without a prescription) to keep up with Janie's libido (which could imply that they have been having sex with each other). House tells him that the excess testosterone is excreted in sweat and, since he was with his children during their hospital stay, that's why they didn't get better. He promised to stop using it.

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