Doug (Adam's father)
Name Doug
Marital Status Married to Emily
Actor Christopher Cousins
First Appearance Distractions
For other characters named "Doug", see Doug (disambiguation)

Doug was the father of Adam, the burn patient in the Season 2 episode Distractions. He is married to Emily. He was portrayed by actor Christopher Cousins.

Doug had rented an ATV and agreed to let Adam drive it. However, Adam was soon speeding and would not respond to his father's request to slow down. Doug managed to roll off the ATV, but Adam continued to accelerate, crashed, and the ATV burst into flames, severely burning him.

Emily was very angry with Doug for letting Adam drive the ATV. However, they were co-operative with the team and described that they had very open communication with their son and he couldn't be hiding anything.

After House woke Adam from anesthesia so he could question him, Doug got very protective and tried to keep House away. However, House wanted to wake up Adam again despite the severe pain, so he snuck past Doug and Emily into the burn unit. Doug and Emily couldn't follow without risking giving Adam a fatal infection. However, Foreman intercepted House, and House became intrigued by a small circular burn on his wrist. On further inspection, he found nicotine stains on Adam's fingers.

He left without waking Adam and asked if Adam smoked. When Doug said that if he found that out he would kill Adam, House realized Adam was hiding something - smoking. He also realized Adam had been using cheap anti-depressants to try to quit and this explained his symptoms.

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