Duane Milbrett
Name Duane "Stomp" Milbrett
Actor Dale E. Turner
First Appearance Broken

Duane Milbrett, who goes by the nickname Stomp is a patient in Ward 6 in the episode Broken. He is a resident of Ward 6 when House arrives, and remains there when House leaves. He is portrayed by actor Dale E. Turner.

House first gets acquainted with Stomp in group therapy. Unlike most of the other patients in the ward, Stomp is non-communicative and does not respond well to stimulus or interaction with the staff or other patients. He wears heavy bandages on both of his arms which cover his hands up to his fingers. He is prone to periods where he seems to get annoyed with his surroundings and moves off to another part of the ward while touching his head and other parts of his upper body with his hands and wrists.

However, it does appear that Stomp has at least some lucidity and ability to react to external stimulus and enjoy himself. Later, during the hospital talent show, he does a body-percussion routine, obviously understanding the purpose of his routine and enjoying himself both during the performance and the applause at the end.

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