Ed Snow was the husband of Elise Snow in the Season 1 episode Fidelity. He was portrayed by actor Dominic Purcell.

Ed is first seen jogging with his friend Adam. When he gets home, he asks Elise for something with electrolytes because he doesn't feel well. However, he finds her still in bed and reminds her she hasn't been to work in days. When he tries to rouse her, she snaps at him and they both realize she needs medical attention.

Ed becomes increasingly upset as House does no better than the six doctors before him and can't come up with anything that will make his wife feel better.

As House starts to suspect Elise might have African trypanosomiasis, they realize the only way she could have got it is if it were sexually transmitted. However, both Ed and Elise deny having had an affair.

When Elise drifts into a coma, House asks Ed if it's at all possible that Elise cheated on him. He tells Ed he has no other ideas, but that the treatment will kill her if she doesn't have the condition. He asks Ed if he's entirely sure Elise has been faithful. Ed consents to the treatment.

As Elise gets the medication, Ed tells Cameron that he's hoping that she doesn't have the illness and dies. He asks if that makes him a bad person and Cameron answers yes.

As things start to look hopeless, Elise suddenly regains consciousness and responds to treatment. Ed rushes out of the room. Cameron tries to stop him by telling him his wife still loves him, but he leaves the hospital.

Elise realizes that Ed isn't going to come back.

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