Eddie down low
Name Eddie
Occupation Drug dealer
Actor Nick Chinlund
First Appearance The Down Low

This article is about the drug dealer friend of Mickey in the episode The Down Low. For the husband of Charlotte Novack, see Eddie Novack

Eddie was the drug dealing friend of undercover police officer Mickey in the Season 6 episode The Down Low. He was portrayed by actor Nick Chinlund.

After Mickey passed out and injured himself after hearing a gunshot, Eddie took him to the hospital and managed to bypass the emergency room and get treated by Gregory House. They both wanted to leave but House demonstrated to Eddie that Mickey would collapse any time he heard a loud noise and he was likely very sick.

Eddie usually remained at Mickey's side. He agreed to obliquely answer House's questions about possible drug use and handling when House insisted it was necessary to reach a diagnosis.

As Mickey insisted on being released, the doctors agreed with a plan to allow them to leave so they could follow them to the place where they kept the drugs. They managed to evade Remy Hadley and Robert Chase, but Mickey wound up back in the hospital as his symptoms grew worse. Eddie remained with him, hoping the doctors could treat him so they could complete a large drug deal.

The doctors realized Mickey was an undercover cop, and he had tipped the police off to the drug buy. However, the buy wouldn't go forward unless he could convince Eddie to go along without him. Eddie was reluctant to do so.

Hadley was desperate to do an environmental scan and tried to trick Eddie into thinking he was sick too. However, Eddie realized he had been drugged. He still agreed to take Hadley along with him to where they stored the drugs - a dry cleaners.

At the dry cleaners, Eddie was worried one of his associates would come along and kill Hadley once they realized who she was. Although they were caught, she managed to convince Eddie's friend that she was a prostitute by asking how much extra she would have to charge for the friend. They got out of the dry cleaners and returned to the hospital.

Mickey managed to convince Eddie to go to the drug buy alone, where Eddie was arrested during the raid. As he was arrested, a devastated Eddie appeared to realize the truth about his best friend.

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