Eli Morgan
Name Eli Morgan
Occupation Insurance company executive
Actor Anthony Tyler Quinn
First Appearance 5 to 9

Eli Morgan is the chief negotiator for Atlantic Net insurance company. He appears in the episode 5 to 9, trying to work out a new contract with Lisa Cuddy between his insurance company and Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

By the episode, Atlantic Net and PPTH have been negotiating for several months, operating under a series of extensions after their old contract expired. The main point of contention was the increase in the rates for procedures Atlantic Net was willing to pay. Morgan offered 4%, and Cuddy would not settle for anything less than 12% given the risks posed by the contract's capitation structure. At their first meeting in the morning, Morgan says that they will continue under the old contract as long as it takes for Cuddy to make sense, and Cuddy threatens to announce the end of the contract that very day. Morgan thinks she is bluffing and tells her to call him when she wants to talk.

Cuddy goes over Morgan's head to deal with the head of the company, Keith Tannenbaum. After she does, Morgan come back with an offer of 8%. He's astounded when Cuddy turns him down and still insists on 12%. She thinks she's nuts as 8% is a great offer and her Board of Directors will be impressed. She says she's still going to cancel the contract.

At 3 p.m. that day, Cuddy announces to the staff they will end the contract at 5 p.m. and the public announcement is made. Cuddy expected Atlantic Net to fold when she actually pulled the plug as having PPTH as a hospital in their group gave the insurance company a lot of prestige.

As Cuddy goes to the board to admit she's failed and offer her resignation, she misses the first elevator. When she turns around, she sees Morgan coming to see her. He tells her that Atlantic Net didn't figure she would actually end the contract and gives her the full 12%.

Morgan also knows Julia Cuddy and tells Cuddy to say hello to her for him.

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