Ellen Stambler
Name Ellen Stambler
Occupation Organ Procurment Agency
Actor Yvette Nicole Brown
First Appearance Sex Kills

Ellen Stambler was the woman who worked for the organ procurement agency that was seen in the episode Sex Kills. She was played by Yvette Nicole Brown.

Laura Neuberger had been in a car crash. Houses current patient, Henry Errington needed a heart transplant but the transplant committee had refused to give him one. So House told Cameron to keep track of all of the patients that had died in the hospital. Cameron found Laura who was still alive. House put on a lab coat and went to talk to Laura's husband Ronald, he made him think that there was some chance that she was still alive. Ellen Stambler assumed that House was telling him that Laura had died, she entered and told him that his wives organs would be handled with care. However she had just told him that his wife had died, he had not known yet. They declared the organs unusable.

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