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Emily was a minor character on House who made two appearances on the show in its seventh and eighth seasons. She was House's favourite prostitute after House broke up with Lisa Cuddy. Emily first appears in Out of the Chute as one of House's many liaisons with prostitutes. She was the one playing the hurdy-gurdy.

House apparently prefers prostitutes who have other interests. As he explained in We Need the Eggs, with hookers, he needs someone to keep him interested "the other 57 minutes of the hour". As such, he enjoyed being with Emily so he kept hiring her.

She was portrayed by actress and model Noelle Bellinghausen.

The SeriesEdit

In After Hours, we see House and Emily discussing what sex position they will try. Emily notes that the position they want to try needs two fully functional legs. House insists he is fine because he has been secretly taking experimental drugs to re-build the muscle in his crippled leg. To demonstrate, he attempts to lift a heavy speaker stack that he uses for his guitar. Although he succeeds at first, he suffers a spasm that causes him to loose his balance and drop the speakers. They break a glass table and destroy his supply of the experimental drug. He decides to send Emily home.

After House gets out of prison in Season 8, he starts seeing Emily again, even after Dominika moves in with him. Dominika usually waits in the living room.

However, in We Need the Eggs, Emily announces she is getting married to a man named Harris and is leaving the business. After a short but fruitless search for a new prostitute, he comes back to Emily to beg her to stay, offering her more money. However, she insists she is in love and her fiance doesn't care about her profession. She kisses House goodbye.

House doesn't give up. Enlisting the help of Dominika, they plan to seduce Harris to prove to Emily that he's a cad. Although Dominika easily convinces Harris to sleep with her, when House confronts him, he reveals he is Emily's brother, not her fiance.

House confronts Emily and she admits she isn't giving up prostitution, she just didn't want to work for House anymore because of the way he treats Dominika. House protests that his marriage to Dominika is simply a business proposition, but Emily has realized that Dominika has real feelings for House and House is refusing to acknowledge he also enjoys Dominika. She leaves again, this time for good.

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