Emily Koppelman
Name Emily Koppelman
Marital Status Married to Bill Koppelman
Actor Audrey Marie Anderson
First Appearance Nobody's Fault

Emily Koppelman is the wife of Bill Koppelman, the patient in the Season 8 episode Nobody's Fault. She was portrayed by actress Audrey Marie Anderson.

As Bill was brought in unconscious, Chris Taub relied on her to take the patient's medical history. However, she was unaware of the most relevant fact, that Bill had been involved in an explosion.

However, as Bill's condition gets worse and he stabs Robert Chase during a psychotic episode, the team refuse to treat him and she makes arrangements to have him transferred. As he's ready to go, House realizes Bill has tumor lysis syndrome. He runs after her to tell her to tell the doctors at Princeton General. However, she appears to ignore him.

She has a change of heart and when the doctors at Princeton General check, they confirm House's diagnosis. She learns that House's medical license in in jeopardy and rushes back to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital to tell Dr. Walter Cofield what has happened. Cofield was just getting ready to suspend House, but after hearing Mrs. Koppelman's pleas, he changed his mind and let House off the hook.

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