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Emory Lemayne is the father of the late Drew Lemayne. He is the ex-husband of Mickey Darro. He was portrayed by actor Channon Roe.

Emory's marriage to Mickey had ended shortly after the death of their son. He had problems with the law thereafter and wound up in anger management class with Gregory House. House learned of the death of his son and when he found out Drew died of unknown causes he couldn't help but try to find a diagnosis. He questioned Emory about his son's symptoms during class, which angered Emory. However, Emory finally agreed to tell House where Drew was buried, although he knew his ex-wife would never allow an exhumation.

After House examined Drew, he thought it might have been heavy metal poisoning. He convinced Emory to help him search his old house and Emory and House collected samples. They returned together to 221B Baker Street to test the samples, but all the tests were negative.

House finally figured out that Drew had died of Alport syndrome and took Emory to his wife's house again so they could test her son. Her son also had symptoms of the disorder and when she and her husband came out to confront them, House was able to tell them that their son was still treatable. Emory and Mickey finally came to terms over their breakup.

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