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EpiPen(TM) is the most common brand of epinephrine, or adrenaline, autoinjector. It is used to self-treat anaphylactic shock. They are carried by people with known severe allergies.

The design of the EpiPen is simple. The dosage of epinephrine, 0.3 milligrams for adults and 0.15 milligrams for children, is kept in a durable tube with a spring-loaded needle on the end. When the tube is jammed into the thigh, the needle pokes through a protective membrane to deliver the medication into the patient's system.

If you are prone to anaphylaxis or have the potential to take care of someone who is, it is very important to practice with a training device. As part of the prescription for an epinephrine autoinjector, the patient will be provided with an autoinjector training device. This functions just like the real injector but without the needle. Though the autoinjector seems simple to use, the rate of misuse is approximately 67% for unpracticed individuals.

Immediately following delivery of the epinephrine, it is highly recommended that the patient seek emergency medical help as an EpiPen is only supportive therapy.