Fake House was a man posing as House on the 7th episode of the 3rd season Son of Coma Guy.

In his brief appearance, Dr. James Wilson pays Fake House to pose as House in a casino in Atlantic City to give House, who is assisting a suicide in a hotel room above, an alibi to protect himself in the investigation that would follow. The man, Gabriel Wozniak, has recently been awakened from a vegetative state and will soon reenter that state, but his son needs a heart transplant and, because of his his alcoholism, is ineligible for a transplant. The father decides to donate his heart, but because of the hospital's red tape, is turned down by Dr. Lisa Cuddy.

The father voluntarily commits suicide with House's help, but takes aspirin before dying which preserves his heart. The transplant is successful, and his son lives.

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