This list is intended as an overview and a chronicle of House Wiki pages that have been featured.

Page Month featured Category
Lawrence Kutner January 2010 Team Character
Remy Hadley (Thirteen) February 2010 Team Character
Kal Penn (Kalpen Suresh Modi) March 2010 Actor, Kutner
Gregory House April 2010 Central Character
Season 5 May 2010 Season
Amber Volakis June 2010 Character
Allison Cameron July 2010 Team Character
Season 4 August 2010 Season
Season 6 September 2010 Season
Lisa Cuddy October 2010 Character
Robert Chase November 2010 Team Character
Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital December 2010 Location
Chris Taub January 2011 Team Character
James Wilson February 2011 Character
Season 3 March 2011 Season
Eric Foreman April 2011 Team Character
Simple Explanation May 2011 Episode
Season 7 June 2011 Season
Season 2 July 2011 Season
Martha M. Masters August 2011 Team Character
Season 1 September 2011 Season
Unfaithful October 2011 Episode
Birthmarks November 2011 Episode
Both Sides Now December 2011 Episode
Jeffrey Sparkman January 2012 Minor Character
Schizophrenia February 2012 Illness
Three Stories March 2012 Episode
Locked In April 2012 Episode
Hugh Laurie May 2012 Actor, House
Chemotherapy June 2012 Treatment
Psychosis July 2012 Illness
Lumbar puncture August 2012 Procedure
Cancer September 2012 Disease
Stacy Warner October 2012 Supporting Character
Season 8 November 2012 Season
Porphyria December 2012 Disease
Paraneoplastic syndrome January 2013 Disease
Dominika Petrova February 2013 Supporting Character
Everybody Dies March 2013 Final Episode
Bubonic plague April 2013 Disease
Leptospirosis May 2013 Disease
After Hours June 2013 Episode
Lucas Douglas July 2013 Supporting Character
Meaning August 2013 Episode
Heavy metal poisoning September 2013 Disease
Antisocial personality disorder October 2013 Illness
Who's Your Daddy? November 2013 Episode
Vicodin December 2013 Pharmaceutical
Peter Graves January 2014 Actor, clinic patient
The Down Low February 2014 Episode
Autopsy March 2014 Episode
Love is Blind April 2014 Episode
Lucy Palmeiro May 2014 Patient
Olivia Wilde June 2014 Actor, Thirteen
Pilot July 2014 Episode
Natalie Soellner August 2014 Patient
Known Unknowns September 2014 Episode
Two Stories October 2014 Episode
Mirror Mirror November 2014 Episode
Bile duct December 2014 Anatomical structure
Magnetic resonance imaging January 2015 Radiology technique
Lockdown February 2015 Episode
Charlyne Yi March 2015 Actor, Park
Jessica Adams April 2015 Team Character
Changes May 2015 Episode
Ezra Powell June 2015 Patient
Mickey July 2015 Patient
Maternity August 2015 Episode
Rebecca Adler September 2015 Patient
Safe Ocotober 2015 Episode
Diagnosis |November 2015 Process
R. Lee Ermey December 2015 Actor, House Sr.
Lupus January 2016 Disease
House, M.D. February 2016 Series
Eve March 2016 Patient
Broken April 2016 Episode
Arlene Cuddy May 2016 Patient
Elias Koteas June 2016 Actor, antagonist
Dave Matthews July 2016 Actor, patient
Ignorance is Bliss August 2016 Episode
Generic House episode September 2016 Episode
Staphylococcus October 2016 Disease
Anesthetic November 2016 Pharmaceutical
Abigail Ralphean December 2016 Patient
Bombshells January 2017 Episode
Dying Changes Everything February 2017 Episode
Love Hurts March 2017 Episode
Orange Man April 2017 Minor Character
Last Temptation May 2017 Episode
No Reason June 2017 Episode
Kenny Arnold July 2017 Patient
It's a Wonderful Lie August 2017 Episode
Larger than Life September 2017 Episode