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Remember your wiki etiquette! This is a wiki, not a blog. As a result, it's impolite to criticize any of the articles, whether it's just a spelling error or the entire factual basis of an article. Don't leave long comments on the talk pages, or make snide comments in the summary box.

If you see a mistake, it's your job to fix it, not anyone else's. Don't get the contributor to fix it (unless it's a technical error and you don't know how, like is common with your humble administrator). For goodness sake, don't try to get the administrator to fix it :-)!

In addition, mistakes are inevitable. The show itself shows very little internal consistency (just how old is Cuddy anyway?). No-one here is working to get rich - we do it because we have too much free time on our hands (just kidding of course). Some of us (like me) often don't proofread properly. Others are just getting their feet wet in the writing game. It's only through collaboration and not individual effort that we improve this wiki.

If there is a dispute about a matter of fact (Cuddy is 38. No 40! No, at least 45!), that's a proper discussion for the talk page. It's also fine to list more than one age for a person (which we've done with Cuddy anyway). What isn't good is to write something on the talk page like "You say Cuddy is either 38 or 40, but she's really 42". If you have something to support that conclusion, put it in the main article.

Remember! You don't need permission to change any of the articles on the House Wiki, particularly if you're a registered user (we do restrict things like the main page so that unregistered users can't change it). --SteveHFisyh 04:04, January 17, 2010 (UTC)