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For the patient in Private Lives, see Frankie.

Frankie was Gregory House's fellow prisoner, confidante and chess partner in the Season 8 premiere Twenty Vicodin. He was portrayed by actor Michael Massee.

In addition to providing House a chess partner, Frankie serves much the same role as James Wilson, acting as House's advisor and challenging his more risky actions. He is first seen as House passes his cell. Frankie calls out a move and, without looking at the board, House calls back another move which turns out to be checkmate.

When House's early parole is disclosed, Frankie convinces him to drop all his grudges and behave, noting that the best revenge in this case would be to get out of jail on the coming Friday.

However, Frankie is frequently exasperated by House's risky behavior, particularly when he pits Stomper against Rollo to get back at both men. However, when House has to start a fire as a distraction, he knows enough to ask Frankie for his pen, which is actually a shiv - House had noticed that Frankie always carried it, but that he never used it.