Name Gail
Marital Status Married
Occupation Pharmacy technician
Status Incarcerated
Actor Celia Finkelstein
First Appearance 5 to 9
Last Appearance 5 to 9

Gail was a minor character on House that only appeared in 5 to 9, an episode from Season Six. She was the pharmacy technician at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital for seven years when she was caught stealing ephedrine, something that had been doing six months after being hired, which Lisa Cuddy didn't know.

She was portrayed by actress Celia Finkelstein.

The SeriesEdit

Oscar Silva was handling the incoming shipments of pharmaceuticals and found an extra order which the supplier insisted was correct. When Lisa Cuddy found out it was ephedrine (and not as she feared, Vicodin), she told Oscar to call Gail in even though she was sick because she had placed the order.

Gail confessed that she had doubled the order, intending to use the extra as a diet pill. Cuddy was sympathetic, but told Gail she had to fire her, although she would not report the matter to the DEA.

However, Cuddy insisted that Stan, the head pharmacist do a complete audit of the orders. He resisted because Gail had already confessed, but gave in.

He soon found that someone had been double ordering drugs for several months, and it was Gail's job to both place the orders and double check the incoming orders for correctness. Stan realized she had abused her position to hide the extra orders. Cuddy realized that Gail was probably supplying a methamphetamine lab and ordered Gail be brought in again.

Gail came in and her personality had changed again. She told Cuddy that if she turned her in, she would implicate Gregory House in the plot.

Frustrated with the day's events, Cuddy left Gail alone and ran into House. When House learned of the matter, he admitted he had known for several years that Gail was a sociopath (from watching her open mail), but didn't tell Cuddy because he thought he could later use the information to his advantage. However, this information helped Cuddy because she realized Gail would reject a compromise.

Cuddy went back to Gail and told her that she would be willing to help her out if Gail agreed to come clean about her deception. Gail told Cuddy she was stupid, that she hadn't even touched the surface of the thefts, and that she would never be able to prove otherwise.

However, unbeknownst to Gail, Cuddy had borrowed a recording device disguised as a flower from Lucas Douglas and recorded Gail's threat. She told Nurse Regina to hand over the recording to the DEA, and they high fived each other in triumph.

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